"Mezcal"-video out now!

Me and my friends JanTzey and Alex Bego have been working really hard on our newest video. We're finally done filming and editing and I have to thank so many people participating in this video. It's only because of you that we could realize this project.

Special thanks to:

Cuervo - Cantina y Bar (location of video)

Kalle Koska – Dance Instructor at Tanzschule Wehrle Dieburg and his awesome dancers!!

Lari Jiménez – the beautiful flamenco dancer

Lucifer's Match – Incredible fire artists Lisa and Thomas. Check them out on

Julian Groß - Germanies coolest driving instructor at driving school Jens Seybold. THX for the Harley!

And of course thx to all the others in front and behind the camera.

My new single "Mezcal" is released!

On this single you can find two of my songs "Mezcal feat. JanTzey" and "Flying Feet". Both songs are available on iTunes, Spotify and amazon mp3 right now or check them out for free right here.

The video to "Straight To The Sun" ! Now on youtube or right here!

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"Colors ft. KaTi" and "Mezcal ft. Jantzey" in Spinnin` Records Talent Pool

One of the biggest recordlabels for dance music is always looking for new talents and music. Therefor they created the so called talent pool, where DJ´s and producers can upload their songs. Everyone can sign in and vote for these songs. Collecting votes lets you climb up the charts and the A&R`s will most probably get notice of you. The big goal for sure is to get a record deal with spinnin` records. That`s why I uploaded two songs of my new album: "Colors" and "Mezcal". If you like these songs, I would appreciate, if you vote for them. Click on these links to get directly to the songs:
Colors ft. KaTi
Mezcal ft. Jantzey
Please note that you have to sign in first. You can do this easily with your facebook account.
THX a lot for your support.

"All In One" made it to rank 50 out of more than thousand songs!!

THX to everyone who voted my track "All In One" participating in the Spinnin` Records Miami Contest. I`m really proud that this song made it to rank 50. Over a thousand songs have been uploaded to the contest. Thank you very much.


Single releases:

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  • 1.Mezcal feat. Jantzey
  • 2.Flying Feet
  • 3.Youth
  • 4.Summer Wonderland

available here:



Do you know that feeling that you have in a special moment? In a moment that is somehow different? I.e. beeing awake at a time you're normally asleep and on top of this doing things you're normally not able to do. Like running on a beautiful white beach listening to the sound of the waves and watching the sun rise; or looking down from a rooftopbar on the colorfull streets, enjoying the rhythm of the city, so late (or early) that even the extremest partypeople are about to go home. Exactly those are the moments that are the roots for my songs. I try to put these special feelings in them. I´m trying to find a melody that represents the ease of a warm seabreeze, or a beat that picks up the life and lights of asian metropolises at night; the glance of Singapore and the wickedness of Shanghai. And certainly there are those songs who should just work. A song that just bangs. Those songs people in the clubs love to dance to and I hope that this is happening.

I`m 33 and I live in Germany. Pretty much in the middle, close to the city of Frankfurt/Main. I started making music in the age of 8. I learned playing the guitar and shortly after I have been playing in my first punk and metal bands. When I turned 19 all the bands unwind and I started with my new hobby: recording. Suddenly I was responsible for all kinds of Instruments. I was able to arrange drums, base, vocals, guitars, synths ... , and that was great. I started to produce my own songs with my PC and a hobby became a passion. Meanwhile I'm having my notebook with me on every journey. And every journey is full of new ideas. Ideas to write new lyrics, ideas to write new melodies.

I hope that I'm able to take you onto a journey.


Contact me on facebook or write me a mail.